Exciting Announcement!

(and no- i’m not pregnant!)

I am SO excited to share some awesome news with you!! For those of you who don’t know, the husband and I have owned a screen printing shop for the last few years. We have worked with a lot of local businesses and recently started printing tshirts for local CrossFit Boxes. A small idea popped into our heads that quickly snowballed into something amazing. Introducing WODink!

CrossFit Apparel made by CrossFitters for CrossFitters

We are starting out with 6 designs, and the site is now open for Pre-orders! Orders will begin to ship August 1st.

We are super excited about this new direction and I hope you all will take some time to check out the store.

Follow us on twitter @WODink , @WODink on Instagram, and on Facebook

Stay tuned… I’m sure there will be giveaways and coupon codes coming your way!

What are some sayings you’d love to see printed on our shirts?


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