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60 Day Fat Loss Check In: Week 3

With posting about our trip to Miami I forgot to post about my week 3 Fat loss challenge… oops! So I’m going to do a quick recap of my  week 3 and will be back this weekend with my week 4…

I left off the week 2 check in feeling a little discouraged. I have to admit that it’s been hard not seeing my results on the scale. I feel like my work to reward ratio is off. I still plan on working hard, but am going to try to focus on my non-scale victories. This week one of my biggest victories is noticing that my pull ups are getting easier! I still have to use the bands, but I can do it so much easier!

Week 3 Work Out Summary

Saturday June 16

Sunday June 17
2 mile run

Monday June 18
2 mile pyramid interval on treadmill
16:30 on stair climber

Tuesday June 19
Snatch 4×5 (45#)
Snatch High Pull (55#)
Deadlift (85#)
Cash Out: 200m Sprint + 20 Pull Ups

Wednesday June 20
2 Mile Interval run

Thursday June 21
Turkish get ups 3 x 5 (8#)
3 min AMRAP
10 slammers (10#)
10 HR push ups
Rest 1 min
3 min AMRAP
5 pull ups
10 jump squats
Rest 1 min
3 min AMRAP
10 overhead walking lunges (15#)
15 sit ups
Post WOD
3 x 90 sec
Left and right side plank
Dynamic plank

The Results

Starting Weight: 210
Week 1: 205.4
Week 2: 205
Week 3: 204.2

I lost twice as much this week as I did last week! Small victories, friends, small victories!

What are some non-scale victories that you have celebrated?


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