Weight Loss

Celebrating the Victories

I fought myself so hard this morning. From 5:30am-6:10am I was trying to convince myself to get up and go to the gym. I intended on running a few miles before my New Rules of Lifting workout. I eventually rolled out of bed and made my way (very zombie like) to the gym… I did a quarter mile walk for a warm up and headed over to the squat rack to start workout 6A of Stage 1. I did 3 sets of 10 reps at 70lbs, a PR for me!

I will admit I’m getting really anxious for this stage of NROLFW to be over. The workouts seem kind of lackluster, unless I hit an awesome PR. I am feeling stronger. Last week I was able to do the dumbbell shoulder press with 20 lb dumbbells, I felt like a beast (especially when the big guy next to me was using the same weight!) While it is hard to get up early in the morning to workout I really do feel better once I do it.

I’m going to be honest, I’ve been struggling a little bit mentally when it comes to staying on track. I haven’t been seeing the physical progress I want to see. The scale hasn’t moved lately, and when it has it seems to be going up. I know muscle weighs more than fat and such, but I don’t see physical changes either. It is hard to stay motivated when you don’t feel like you’re making progress. When I have moods like this I always stop and analyze my efforts… While I have been working out a lot, I haven’t been paying as close attention to what I eat. I’ve been trying really hard to stay gluten free because I really notice a difference in my digestion when I eat it. It’s just not worth it to me to eat it for the way my stomach reacts to it. I have, however, been trying different gluten free “snacks” that still end up adding up in calories.

When I have these kind of mental struggles I try to remember how far I’ve come. In the last year I trained for a Marathon and Half-Marathon, have consistently made smarter eating decisions, started a strength training program and am probably the healthiest I’ve ever been.  I have come so far and I’m proud of that.

Here is one example of celebrating a small victory…

I bought this shirt right before I found out I was pregnant. It was on clearance at old navy and while it didn’t exactly fit me at the time I bought it I had plans to lose weight and eventually fit into it. And I did it! Celebrate the victories!

What are some ways you deal with mental speed bumps? How do you celebrate the victories?

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5 thoughts on “Celebrating the Victories”

  1. Girl! I totally feel you. It’s hard to stay so focused all the time. Maybe it’s time to shake up your workout routine a bit? I was in struggle city last month, the scale not moving and I was doing everything possible. I changed some stuff in my workouts and buckled down to counting calories like it was my day job. I also have been watching seasons of the Biggest Loser – it helps keep me motivated.

    But honestly, if you are eating healthy and working out, you are doing so awesome! You’ve come such a long way and should be so proud of yourself. I’m proud of you! Keep up the great work!


    1. Thanks Girl! I need to buckle down on calorie counting… I just hate it because it turns me into OCD Courtney and sometimes shes not nice. I’m gonna keep chugging along and hope to see more results!!


  2. Yay for the small victories! My motivation in the mornings is so terrible. My days are so long and it’s so hard for me to sacrifice sleep for working out! I think trying a new activity would really mix things up and make you excited for your workout!

    You’re doing great, though, girl! 🙂


  3. Woohoo for small victories! When I’m not mentally into working out, I change things up – do a different activity, change the time of day, meet up with friends, whatever. Hang in there! Getting stronger is a victory in and of itself!


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