Start ’em Young!

 Being a mom is the absolute best job in the world. It can also be the most intimidating. The way that my Little Dreamer sees the world is entirely based on how we show her to see the world. At this point in her life everything that she knows has come directly or indirectly from our decisions. She knows only what we have taught her or have allowed her to be exposed to.

Soak that in for a minute. That’s huge.

That realization is one of the biggest inspirations for trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I didn’t want her to have to go through the struggle to lose weight and get healthy, I wanted being healthy to be all she ever knew. I have huge dreams for her and want to take away anything that could hold her back. Sure, she still loves her candy and ice cream… but she loves apples, cheese sticks and salad too! Sometimes I feel like I’m failing her… but other times I know I’m doing it right. And that is so rewarding.

Yesterday I started getting ready to go for a run and she chimed in “I go wunnin’ too, mom!” She went to get her shoes (and sunglasses) and was ready to head out the door. When I started to put my Garmin on she said she needed her “wunnin watch” too. I found her a watch to wear and she smiled and said “I’m just like you mom!” (seriously, who wouldn’t melt right there?!)

cute toddler

When she sits in the BOB stroller she yells out encouragement “Go Mommy Go” and “Faster Mom!”  but her favorite part is when I let her get out for the last few blocks.

She yells “SUPER FAST” as she runs down the sidewalk. She loves when I say “On your mark, get set, go!” and asks when she can do a race.

At the end of our run yesterday I told her to Finish Strong. She then proceeded to flex her muscles while running.
I about died laughing. I love this girl.

I think I’m doing something right.
and that feels good.

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