May Challenge: 30 Days of Yoga

Happy May Day! (apparently that is a thing… something about giving flowers randomly? I didn’t get any flowers today… just sayin)

I’m trying to keep close track of my goals and instead of looking for affirmation and progress from the scale I’m looking for other ways to track my progress. That’s one of the reasons I love running so much, it is easy to see improvement! I am looking into starting some speed work so I can see more improvement on my times. I’m also seeing improvement in the amount of weight I’m able to lift on the New Rules of Lifting program. I have noticed that I am pretty tight and sore following my workouts and have been wanting to do some yoga on a regular basis to improve balance, flexibility and help with stretching. I found the perfect opportunity! Jess from Run With Jess posted about a 30 day yoga challenge she joined for the month of May.

The 30 Day Yoga Challenge is hosted by Amanda at RunToTheFinish. I did my first yoga workout tonight and since I decided to do this so late in the day and it’s been forever since I’ve actually done yoga I decided to try to find an easy short workout to ease my back into it. Gotta love YouTube!


I have to say even after just 5 minutes I was feeling stretched and relaxed. I’m looking forward to incorporating more Yoga into everyday!

What are you doing this month to challenge yourself?

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