Weekend Dreams

Hello lovelies! I can’t believe it’s already Sunday night. Before I started working from home I used to say that weekends melted into the week for me. Now that I work from home during the week, I cherish the weekends more than ever. They are very sacred. There was a period of time in our “newlywed” days when weekends meant sleeping in, going out to breakfast (usually cracker barrel) and exploring. It was everything I had dreamed weekends with a handsome husband would be.

cracker barrel coffee
Circa 2007


Circa 2007

Now “sleeping in” means waking up around 7:30-8am, going out to breakfast is a special treat, and there is a long list of “must do’s” followed by a longer list of “wish I could’s”. Errands and chores pile up and have to be arranged around nap time and potty training. Our evenings are spent usually watching movies at home while one (and occasionally both) of us fall asleep watching or maybe having a friend or two over watching Celebrity Apprentice (sidenote: Are you watching Apprentice this season?! Does anyone else think the contestants left are a joke? No? Just me? Ok…)

Usually at the end of the weekend I feel disappointed in what I did/didn’t accomplish. To try to prevent this from happening I have been trying to give myself small goals to accomplish so I can look back and actually see what I’ve done. This weekend my goals were to find the lost directv receivers in the abyss we call the suitcase closet, clean the floors downstairs and catch up on laundry. I am happy to report that I went above and beyond in all of these areas! Just another testament to the power of setting goals.

Goal #1- Find the Lost Receivers– ok, so when we were building our house we wired it for TV in all the rooms and ordered receivers for all the rooms when we signed up for Directv. Well, we obviously don’t have 5 TVs, so 3 of those receivers sat around for the last 3 years. We finally exchanged them for an HD receiver for our upstairs TV and they sent us 3 boxes to ship back the receivers we were going to return. Those boxes have been at the bottom of our stairs all week. I knew the receivers were probably in that dreaded closet that I’ve been avoiding cleaning for-ev-er. So I cleaned it. I wish I had thought to take before and after pictures, y’all would not believe it! I found all the receivers and have them packed and ready to get picked up by the Mail Carrier.

Goal #2- Clean the downstairs floors– This one may sound so simple, but I’m kind of weird about it. Before I can clean the floors everything else has to be clean. This means I have to do the dishes, wipe the counter, pick up the toys, clean the bathroom… etc… before I feel ok about cleaning the floors. I have all hardwood downstairs with 2 area rugs. I use a small broom to sweep then I use my Haan Steam Cleaner that I bought from Woot a few months ago (unrelated and unsponsored: I LOVE WOOT!) When I have a clean house I have a clean mind.

Goal # 3- Catch up on Laundry– I try to do laundry throughout the week… however, it’s not DOING laundry that I have a problem with… It’s putting it away. This is a problem Mr Dreamer and I go back and forth about. The house could be a complete mess, but if his clothes were put away all the time he would be completely content with that. He hates having to look for clothes. I hate putting away clothes. I am happy to report I’ve done most of the laundry and put away 100% of what I washed. VICTORY!

Not only did I complete all the goals that I sent out to complete, but I got to have some downtime Saturday morning, go to church on Saturday night, went to the half rained out flea market this morning, followed by breakfast with Mr Dreamer, Little Dreamer and Expert Prepper, a late lunch with Mr Dreamer’s mom and sisters, and an afternoon of nail painting with Little Dreamer

While this weekend may not have been what I thought I had dreamed of as a young adult, it was a dream weekend for where I am in life right now. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What does your dream weekend look like? If you watch Celebrity Apprentice… What do you think of the remaining contestants?

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