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The Hardest Part {Getting Started}

I’ve heard it said that goals are just dreams with deadlines (I actually just tried to find the author of that quote… this site says its Napoleon Hill, while this site credits Diana Scharf).


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Lately my goals have been very fitness focused. I have done several races this year, started a lifting program, and have experimented with vegetarian and gluten-free eating. One of the things that I love about running is how the lessons you learn in running can apply to every other area of your life too. One of the lessons I’ve learned over and over again is that the hardest part of a run/workout/eating right/(fill in the blank with any other goal you have) is getting started. When I first started running I had no idea what I was doing. I was overwhelmed. I tried to read about it. That made me even more confused. Same thing with eating right. Eat carbs, don’t eat carbs. High protein, low fat. Everyone has their own opinion and most of them believe their opinion is the only one that matters. The better advice tells you that it can vary. The trick to getting into running is as simple as Nike says it is: Just do it.

As much as I know that advice is true today, sometimes it is still hard to implement. After running for nearly two years now, I still struggle to lace up my shoes and get out the door. Whether it is because it’s too early, I’m “too busy”, I just “don’t feel like it” or a million other (completely legit) reasons excuses… getting started is without a doubt the hardest part.

I know that once I actually do it, I am thankful I did. Sometimes it is scary. Sometimes it doesn’t go the way you want (like pulling a DNF in a Marathon). The good news is that you will never have to look back and wonder what would have happened if you tried. If you have a goal you’re working towards faithfully or a dream that you secretly harbor in your heart, let me encourage you to just take the first step! Want to run a marathon? Start with a 5k. Want to write a book? Start an outline. Want to learn to dance? Sign up for a lesson. Notice a pattern? These are all ACTIONS! Start small or start big, either way… just start.

What are some action steps you can take to help you reach your goals?


2 thoughts on “The Hardest Part {Getting Started}”

  1. So I just want to let you know that you are a huge inspiration for me. I have recently started, yet again, trying to eat healthy and become active. I started a couch to 5K program and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Any advice on what worked for you starting out? I feel like I’m going to die every time I run :/ I have only done the first two work outs.


    1. Thank you so much, it means a lot to hear that I am inspiring others! Getting started is hard, but I will be honest and say it doesn’t exactly get easier… you just get better at it! Just follow the plan as much as you can, start small and just keep going. The most important lesson I learned was to not compare myself to others because that makes it WAY too easy to get discouraged. Keep up the good work Rennae!


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