Happy Friday!! This week went by way too fast. It probably feels like that because I have been SO anxious for this weekend (its my half-marathon that I feel unprepared for). I feel like it has been a full week too. We are getting stuff done here in Normanland… Random Spring Cleaning/Organizing… Changing Banks…. Getting Passport Applications ready to submit for our Norman Family Vacation in January (yeehaw, Costa Rica!)… and sticking to the Gluten Free lifestyle successfully (i’ll do a full update on that next week). Now that you’ve read about our week, here are some random instagrams from the week. I’m linking up to InstaFriday at Life Rearranged!

life rearranged
 I had to snap this shot of her at dinner last week… She looks so grown up with her Pony tail and Pink Chucks.

I made another Sparkly running headband! Teal sequins! and it doesn’t slip!

We built our garden this week. I have to give mad props to the hubs for this, he built the raised bed, got the dirt and mulch, and worked hard to get these set up. I’m SO excited about them.

Her hair has been getting in her face a lot lately, so i’ve tried to be creative with putting it up. The top isn’t as long as the back, but we’re working on it… HA.

Easter Festivities! Egg coloring, Egg hunt and Easter dress!

Nighttime fire. One of my favorite things.

Gluten free grocery shopping. It should be an olympic event.
(ironically, there is a loaf of bread right there next to the shopping list. for the hubs and kiddo)

Got my bib number. yikes.

Early morning vibram 2 miler on Tuesday.

With this gluten free adventure, I’ve been trying to like different foods.
One of those is cottage cheese. I usually think its gross. But if you cover it with strawberries, grapes, cantelope, PB2, Honey, and a caramel rice cake it is palatable. Barely, but it was.

And my Favorite picture of the week.
She puts on her crown and runs around screaming “I a booootiful princess!!)
I love this girl!

How was your week? Anything you are looking forward to/are anxious about this weekend?

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