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Stayin’ Alive

It never fails…. I write a post about making it work and all my good intentions… and then I fall off the bandwagon.

The first week we were in Texas I was on the ball with my workouts. I even ran a 5k. But truth of the matter is that 5k was my last workout. With the late sunrises and evenings filled with family visits and Hunger Games premieres, I just didn’t make time to work out.

The weekend was a whirlwind. We ended up leaving Texas to drive home Sunday morning. We stopped at that random over the interstate McDonald’s in Oklahoma. When leaving we both were holding one of Payt’s hands and carried her playfully down the stairs while she lifted her feet. All seemed well until we went to put her in the car and she started crying and saying her arm hurt. We thought it was just a sprain or rug burn or something. She didn’t use her arm the rest of the trip. We made it home around 9pm only to realize Payton was more hurt than we first thought, so we walked right back out the door and to the ER.

She was in good spirits, telling her newly learned knock knock jokes. Turns out she had Nursemaid’s Elbow, which is a dislocated elbow. They popped it back into place. She seemed to be better just minutes after, thank goodness.

We didn’t get home until after midnight and still had to eat, unload the car and finally went to bed. Today hasn’t been any less busy. I went grocery shopping, which sometimes feels like it should be an Olympic event… Especially with a 2 year old in tow. Chris and I are trying to stay on a healthy eating plan, especially after our 2 1/2 week Texas Eating trip. Here are a few quick tips to help you with your grocery shopping/healthy eating:

  • Take the time to make a meal plan.
  • Make a list, put it in categories to help you find things around your local store.
  • Bring a snack for your 2 year old who will, without fail, ask for every snack you put in the cart to buy.
  • Prep any fruits/veggies right when you get home (example: cut up celery/carrots for snacking)

And tomorrow the workout routine begins, gotta get a long run in for my half-marathon training plan!

How do you plan your grocery trips? Any tips to help make it easier?

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