Team Living Water Tuesday: 4 Miles

Daylight savings time has messed up my training schedule! I had just started getting up early so that I could get my run in before the day started. Which normally works, except we are staying in a rental house in Texas for a few weeks and I don’t really know the area and it is super dark out until like 7:30am now… crazy!

Tuesdays are normally my group running days with Team Living Water, but since we are out of town I haven’t been able to make it. Today was supposed to be long run day, but since Chris had work to do and we don’t have Emily here I decided to take Payton with me on an exploratory run in the Granbury area. I noticed a little park with a trail by the town square and decided to try it out.


Turns out it is a really cool Hike/Bike trail called “Moments in Time.” It’s about a 2 mile out and back, with these cool historical plaques with information about the area.

I knew with the temperatures being different than what I was used to plus pushing the stroller and not having a really good “fuel” meal last night that I would probably just do the out and back once rather than twice. All and all I enjoyed the trail a lot, so did Payton!

Funny story… I was just running along and noticed there were two bail bonds places next to each other… and I looked to my right and saw a huge barbed wire fence. Turns out the trail goes right by the Hood County Sheriff’s Office. I know it isn’t the same as the Texas Rangers, but it made me think of Chuck Norris anyway.

I still am struggling to improve my time and endurance for the upcoming GO! STL half-marathon…. it is just one month away! I still struggle sometimes with the whole idea of being a “runner” … like i’m such a joke to the running world. I struggle with the “why do I even try” mindset regularly. I know I’ve come a long way, but I still have a long way to go.

If you missed my first TLW post last week, you can find it here. It explains why I’m training for a half marathon. If you want to help bring clean drinking water to people who wouldn’t otherwise have it, you can click the image below to donate to my Team Living Water fundraising page. (For you local STL folks, Donate at least $26 and be entered to win this awesome prize pack! Contest runs until 3/19)

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