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I’m Alive!

Hello blog0sphere! It has been for-ev-er. Ok, so its been like a month and a half, but in the blog world that is the equivalent of forever, isn’t it?

One of the reasons I took a break from writing is because I didn’t feel like I had a good “niche.” I didn’t know what I really wanted out of this blog. Yes, it is like an online journal for all the world to see… and I can write whatever I want… but I have been reading so many blogs lately and seeing how they all seem to have a niche… something specific about the blog that makes people want to read it. I didn’t feel like I had that. Life has been so chaotic lately I have a hard enough time keeping my “real” life straight that having an online life became second priority. I still feel like I have a lot to share, I love to write and I love the communities that I see in the blogging world but I still don’t know how I fit into that. Most recently I have found a passion for running and for crafting. I’m not a craft blog, I’m not a running blog… I just like to share what I’m excited about (which changes pretty often). Life is never boring around here, that’s for sure!

I still have to write up a recap of our disney trip… I can’t believe it was just a month ago that we were there! It was definitely the best vacation I’ve ever been on (minus Payton teething her molars while we were there)

We had such a blast and I learned a lot about myself through out my marathon experience, but it was a lot to process. I’ll have to write about it someday. For now I am busy training for a half-marathon in April, the GO! St Louis Half-Marathon. I am training with Team Living Water, to raise money to provide clean drinking water to underdeveloped areas. Check out http://www.crowdrise.com/CourtneyNorman to donate to this cause!

Also this week… My baby turns 2!!! I can’t believe it… She’s growing up so fast!


So, what I’d like to hear from you (my millions of followers…haha) is What kinds of things do you like seeing here on my blog? Personal Stories? Relationship Advice? Pictures of Payton? Running/Weight loss? Crafts? All of the above? Is anyone out there? Are you still reading this?



2 thoughts on “I’m Alive!”

  1. I am still here and reading! I always feel the same way about my blog… I mean, who REALLY comments besides my Mom, ya know? haha

    I like your blog like it is! I am inspired by your weight loss journey… I think the stories and pics of your daughter are my favorite… I like the crafty things too (though I am not personally very crafty in that way)… and I like when you share honest, personal things… Keep it up – this is one of my favorite blogs! 🙂


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