8 months.

Yesterday Payton turned 8 months old! I can hardly believe how fast time flies, but at the same time how it seems like she’s been here forever. This month has been a fun one.
She is developing quite the personality.
She has experienced the emotion of frustration quite a bit over the last month, and even has her own cry/scream to express it.
She is a master at blowing raspberries.
She has the cutest open mouth smile, which allows you to see her now 4 (and almost 6) teeth. She has two on bottom, the two eye teeth have broken through an her two front teeth are on their way out.
She pays close attention to our facial expressions and tries to mimick them.
Daddy taught her to stick out her tongue.
She loves to laugh.
She is still working on crawling… she gets frustrated and stops trying. She would much rather be standing up than laying on her tummy.
She has learned what the word “no” means and doesn’t like it.
She learned to drink from a straw and really likes that.
She is so much fun!

Showing off her teeth
How big is Payton? SOOOO BIG


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