Life Lessons


So today I was out running errands and I needed a few things from the store. I saw that some of the things I wanted to get were on sale at Aldi’s so after returning some overdue library books, that’s where we headed. When we arrived a nice lady gave us her cart (For those of you who don’t know about Aldi, you have to put a quarter in to get a cart and you get that quarter back when you return the cart). I thought that was so nice! Then we went inside to get what we needed. We were having fun just wandering around the store. I got what I needed plus some. I got into the check out line and carefully laid my items on the moving belt. I was watching the cashier ring them up and got my debit card out to pay the $48.02 bill, when I experienced a complete mind blank. You see, at Aldi you can only pay with debit or cash. Brilliant idea, but in the last few months I have gotten a new debit card and PIN number and I also have been using my card as “credit” at the other stores because I supposedly get rewards from the bank for doing so. So, I haven’t used my PIN in quite sometime…. and I totally forgot it! The line was backed up and I felt like I had a million eyes on me. Of course I didn’t have the cash I needed…. So I pulled my basket to the side and told them I would figure something out…. I was terrified!! It’s so embarrassing. Its like I could feel the “pity stares” coming my way. So I ended up calling Chris who works a short ways away and he came to my rescue (always my hero). Anyway, throughout this whole petrifying experience I realized that I have often been the one giving those “pity stares” and I wondered what should I do in that situation? Am I one to try to help the situation? Or am I the first to judge? I learned a lot today in a short period of time. I’m thankful for these lessons learned, even if it wasn’t the most pleasant experience.


2 thoughts on “$48.02”

  1. Yes, humbling indeed. Kind of like how before I was married and had a toddler I would look down on the people who “let” their kids scream and throw tantrums in the store…. (oh, my child would NEVER do that, I said to myself)…. reality check…who did I think I was kidding? 🙂


  2. I thought the same thing… Even when I had Payton I would think “Ha, thats not my kid” now that shes 8 months there have been plenty of times it WAS my kid!


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