Life Lessons


so here i am once again distracted from my to-do list. particularly from my massive amounts of reading for my american history and earth science classes…. i can only read so much textbook before starting to go cross eyed. So I do what any college student would do… procrastinate. and i find myself drawn to write…

i’ve been thinking about the seasons changing. profound, i know (especially considering tonight marks the official start of fall). i’ve started to see a few leaves changing here and there, although the weather could fool you into thinking we were in the middle of summer, rather than on the cusp of fall. i love the fall. i love the harvest of vegetables, the smells and snuggles. the weather cool enough for a hoodie and glass of caramel apple cider (or a PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE). There is something refreshing about fall. It is a season that passes too quickly, in my opinion. In celebration of fall (and as an attempt at healthier cooking) I’ve been experimenting with new recipes using vegetables. I made an amazing mixed vegetable bake with barbeque sauce and chicken breast last week. Today I tried my hand at butternut squash muffins, they are decent, but have a weird denseness about them. and tonight i’m going to be trying an eggplant parmesan. i like trying new things.

well, i should get back to my reading…. but Payton just woke up from a nap, so I think I’ll snuggle instead. Here’s to productivity slipping through my fingers…


1 thought on “distracted.”

  1. I don’t know how you do everything you do, Courtney. I can’t imagine doing school right now on top of taking care of home and Bella 🙂 You are awesome!


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