Life Lessons

This is a test.

This was the title of my devotional this morning. I had to sit back and chuckle. It’s like one of those obvious jokes. I sat back and said “ok, God, good one.” His timing is always perfect.

We hear it all the time, but it seems like those lessons are quickly forgotten when the time comes to use them. I can’t tell you how many times my youth pastor had me read, memorize and quote James 1. We used to joke that when things were a little rough and people asked us how we were that we could respond “joyful” because James 1:2-4 tells us to consider it pure joy.


so, i started writing this post early this morning before i left to take Payton to grandma’s and help a client clean out a garage. I was in such a great a great mood, feeling really encouraged from my morning devotions. I was praying and in the zone… until I saw the flashing lights behind me…. pulled over! a million thoughts went through my mind, beating myself up… but mostly realizing that i was focusing on God and satan was just trying to bring me down. then i just smiled as I remembered this entry I started and realized it was just a test. I wasn’t going to let my joy get away. I’ll admit, it was a struggle. But, I persevered and ended up having a great day. oh- and lesson learned- don’t speed through moscow mills!!


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