Weight Loss


i love seeing progress. little milestones that encourage me to continue. today when i weighed myself i was down another 2 pounds. that means i have just 6 pounds to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. only 63 pounds to get to my goal weight of 150. hmm, 6 pounds sounds a lot better. i was NOT feeling like going out running today. usually i go after Payton’s first feeding in the morning so i can get it out of the way and not make excuses. today mother nature made excuses for me. it rained most of the morning and by the time the rain stopped i was already well into my day and didn’t feel like stopping everything to go out in the midday heat and jog. dinner time came and this week chris and i are eating salads for dinner every night. i have throughly enjoyed that. i don’t feel horrible after dinner. granted, i still have a sweet tooth, but I combat that with my fresh berries and italian ice popsicles. mmm speaking of fresh berries, i think i’m going to make a recovery smoothie!! mmm mmm good.

where was i before i got distracted by the tantalizing thought of a fresh smoothie? oh yes- i did NOT feel like running. I have about 70 more pages to read for psychology, i need to clean the house, finish the laundry, get ready for my cleanings tomorrow… excuse excuse excuse… so i went looking for motivation. i tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans and i could actually button them. granted there is still a little “overflow” of that baby belly, but i got them all the way on and could breathe. kinda. so i tried on the pair that i remember fitting the loosest. i’m pretty sure they are almost public wearable (with the right top of course). that felt good. so i took off my jeans and replaced them with my running shorts. and i ran. for the first time in almost 2 weeks i ran without the stroller and a baby. and to my surprise, i ran the fastest mile i can ever remember running. like ever. 12:55. and i got to the 2 mile mark before 30 minutes… i think it was 28:33 or thereabouts. thats huge. all my life i’ve struggled with fitness, and some of the most hurtful shameful things i can remember have to do with not being able to run fast enough. like not being able to pass my JROTC physical fitness test. and not being able to go with my HA class to the mountain because I couldn’t run the mile fast enough. i’m determined to overcome this hurdle to my fitness. and its an exciting process to get there.

now i’m going to finish my list of things i used as excuses not to go running… much love!


1 thought on “progress.”

  1. Go Courtney! You are doing an awesome job…. I am so proud of you for doing everything you are. I can’t imagine school on top of everything else!! You’re awesome!


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