Dreams, Life

The journey

It’s funny how God begins to stir your heart in the smallest ways. A comment from a friend, a song on the radio, a picture, a sunset… You experience something that jolts your spirit. Sometimes it fills you with peace or joy and other times it whets your appetite for something bigger. A mixture of triggers in my life over the past weeks and months and even years have ignited some longing in me to rediscover what I thought I had known for so long. I thought I had my “vision” figured out. Lately I’ve come to realize I never really took the time to evaluate my passions, desires and giftings to discover exactly what my purpose is in the body of Christ. My whole life I have always been generically passionate. That alone made me desireable in several positions in ministry. I realized for the majority of my life I have been simply “filling the need” rather than finding my niche. I went wherever help was needed. I did things with excellence. And I developed genuine passions for some areas in which I served. But right now, I don’t know where I fit. So, I have begun a journey. I have begun spending more time with the Lord. Reviewing old journals. Figuring out what really makes me feel alive. And I want you to join me on this journey. If there is an area that you have seen me serve in and be passionate about, please remind me! I need all the input and encouragement I can get. I’m looking forward to learning more about myself and Gods heart on this journey and I would love to share that with you as well. Much love 🙂


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