Make it Work!

The family and I have been spending some time in Texas, and I absolutely love it. There is just something about Texas that begs me to come live here. We got a rental home for the time we are here, which is a little over 2 weeks. It’s back in a hidden little neighborhood on a canal off of Lake Granbury. I knew that I would be breaking my 80/20 rule when it comes to eating, trying to eat 80% vegetarian/20% meat, it’s Texas after all… Texas IS meat! Anyway, I figured it would be even more important to stick to my workouts. I was planning on getting my runs in early in the mornings and I actually got up early on Monday so I could get in a few miles but when I walked outside I realized it probably wasn’t the best idea. While the weather was beautiful, It was literally pitch black ¬†outside and since I’m not really familiar with the area (or hidden woodsy night creatures), I decided I needed a new plan. I could hear Tim Gunn’s voice in my head saying “MAKE IT WORK!” So today I decided to try out a naptime lunch run! I did a 3/1 interval for 3.1 miles.

Not a PR by any means, but pretty good for still acclimating to 70 degree running temps.
(ps- have I told you how much I love my garmin? Thanks for hooking me up Julie!)

I knew I needed to get a good run in before Saturday’s 4th Annual Granbury Road Race. I’m so excited for that! I’m interested to see what the running community around here is like, ya know, just in case we ever end up living here. Also, can I just tell you how awesome it was that the race info stated “Sorry, no horses allowed this year”… Only in Texas, right?

Anyway after my run I enjoyed some light stretching out on the dock

(or maybe I just wanted a reason to show you my freshly painted “Mango Sorbet” toes… with an attempt at green polka dots… that went horribly wrong… and I was too lazy to fix)

Anyway, just a reminder for you guys… if you are away from home it is still possible to make it work! It takes determination, it sure would have been easy to just give up on the idea of working out.

What are some ways you have “made it work” while away from home and/or your normal routine?

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