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GEARing Up for 2013 – Sweaty Bands

Seriously, I can’t begin to tell you how much… but I’m going to have to try. I have a love affair with accessories of all kinds. Jewelry, purses, shoes, headbands… They are so versatile and fun. You can spice up any outfit by just changing out the accessories. What is better than that? How about an accessory that is also actually useful? Best thing ever.

I had been seeing these headbands around for awhile and was jealous of them. When I saw that Big River Running carried SweatyBands I knew I had to try one. Honestly, I was kind of skeptical. I had tried all the drug store brand “no slip” and “active” headbands but they always ended up on the back of my head by the end of the workout. I’ve got through my fair share of hairstyles, but have come to terms with the fact that medium-short hair looks best on me (plus- that is what the husband likes… so that’s what he gets! lol) When I cut my hair short headbands stopped being a fashion accessory and started being a necessity. I don’t get how people can workout with their hair going all over the place. It makes me angry when I get hair and sweat all up in my face.

The SweatyBands headband I bought that day is still my absolute favorite – I literally wear it almost every time I work out. You may have seen it a few times…


It is neon pink, which matches about 80% of my workout gear. haha. I love that it stays put during my workouts, even during burpees… my favorite…. haha. Actually I haven’t been minding them lately. Mostly because they seem to always be paired with thrusters, and given the choice between burpees and thrusters I think I’d choose burpees. Who am I?! Anyway- back to the headbands…. They are lined with a velvet material that helps it stay put even when you are sweaty and all over the place. And they are dang cute. They come in different widths from thin, like my green sparkle band


to wide bands like i’m wearing below, and mid sized bands like little dreamer is wearing


Not only are the great for working out, but they are so cute I like to wear them even on girls days out!


Now you want some of your own don’t you?

Click on the banner below to get some, and save 5% with the code!


I also have a set to giveaway to one lucky winner, and guess what? It includes my favorite Neon Pink Sweatyband! It also has an adorable blue and green chevron one. Seriously, how cute are these?


a Rafflecopter giveaway

What is your favorite workout accessory? Tell me which SweatyBand you love and have to have!

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Three Things Thursday

1. Thursdays.

They are apparently not my best days. Last week I turned off my alarm instead of pushing snooze and ended up getting to CrossFit 15 minutes late. Last night I stayed up late and having coffee with amazing friends around our table. I knew going to bed after midnight would make the 4am wake up call hard. I didn’t realize that Thursdays are now “Courtney turns off the alarm instead of pushing snooze” day. I did it again. This time I was only 5 minutes late to CrossFit. I’m just proud that I actually went. Even if I slept-walked through the workout. I got a good burn in too. I am absolutely LOVING my Polar FT40. It is so helpful to see calorie burn and effort. Also- I’m obsessed with my SweatyBands. Particularly in this neon pink.


Stay tuned because I might be hosting a giveaway of my favorite sweatybands in the next few weeks 😉

2. Tailor’s Bunion & Shoes.

So about this time last year at the peak of Marathon training I started getting this awful pain on the outside of left pinky toe. After awhile I went to the Dr and she told me I had a tailor’s bunion. Basically the bone on the outside, the fifth metatarsal bone, starts to move outward while the little toe moves inward. I’ll spare you the pictures of my feet. But this means I do have to be more cautious about what shoes I wear. I have tried out several different types of running shoes, most of which are awesome for short runs, but as I start gearing up for half marathon training I knew I needed a new pair of running shoes with a wider toe box. So I went to Big River Running and tried on like every pair of shoes they had in the store. I ended up walking out with a pair of Brooks Glycerin 10’s. I absolutely love them. They are comfortable and supportive. Most importantly they came in wide width and had a roomy toe box. I can’t wait to take them out for a spin!



3. Love my kid.

With everything that has been going on in the world recently I have been extra sensitive to soaking up the little moments. It is so easy to miss the little things. and I want to make sure I try not to. These are a few of the gems I’ve caught this week:


She decided to build a castle out of her lunch. and thought it was hilarious apparently (and I wonder why it takes her so long to eat her food… its obviously because she is imagining what else she can do with it). Blow drying her hair after bath time. She decided to play in the bathroom for about 30-45 minutes just doing her hair, makes me wonder what the teenage years are going to be like. She had the hippie headband going on for awhile and then pulled out that gem you see in the last picture. She did that all on her own. Don’t ask me how.

Also- funny story. We got a package in the mail from target and I put it in the laundry room and closed the door. It was supposed to be a duvet cover but ended up being a “Our Generation” Doll and Kitchen set. Score, right? Extra present for little miss thang. A few hours later she was getting ready for bed and I told her to put her dirty clothes in the laundry. Oops. She comes running out telling me she found her surprise. We told her it was just a box of trash. She swore it was a doll and it was for her. Parenting fail.

Alright- I’m looking for stories here. Tell me your best alarm clock fail or christmas present hiding fail!