#RunFor Family – Asmeret’s Story

I have been honored to work with Dick’s Sporting Goods on an amazingly inspiring campaign called #RunFor. This campaign is all about the sharing the different reasons why we run. This campaign will lead up to me running in the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Half Marathon! (In 39 days… EEK!) Each week they are releasing a new video telling the stories of different runners and the reason why they run. I shared last week about Lisa and Sally. This week’s story hit really close to home for me. If you read my health story you know that while I have struggled with my weight my whole life my “A-HA!” moment came after having my daughter in 2010. I knew that I didn’t want her to struggle with the same health and weight issues that I had to struggle with. I knew I had to set a good example for her. So I began running and eating right. And it was all she knew. She would bring me my running shoes and tell me “Go Mama GO!” when she was like 18 months old. She loved running with me and watching me run. Now she is 3 and she still asks me to go running. It has become a part of our lives. Not only to a run to set a good example for her, but I run to be healthy for her and  my husband. They motivate me to be the healthiest I can be so I can be around longer to share life with them.


This week’s #RunFor video is about Asmeret – A mom who wakes up at 3:30am to run everyday so she can be around to care for her kids. Like I said, I totally get this one. I wake up at 4:15am four days a week to go to CrossFit before my daughter wakes up. Being around for her, and showing her what it is to be strong and healthy, makes it all worth it. Check out Asmeret’s Story:

I really do love these videos, they are SO inspiring. This is the third video in the 13 video series. If you have missed any just hop over to the Dick’s Sporting Goods #RunFor page to catch up.

Are you an early morning runner/gym goer?
What do you #runfor?

This post is part of a paid campaign with Dick’s Sporting Goods. All thoughts and opinions are my own.