It Works! Wrap Review (from a skeptic)

I’ve been on this health journey for quite sometime. I’ve lost a significant amount of fat and have been very open about my issues with sagging skin. I know there is no “miracle cure” and I’ve been a pretty hard core skeptic when it comes to products that claim to give miraculous results. I’ve also been known to have an intense dislike for anything in a Multi-Level Marketing format. So when I started seeing things for It Works! Products to say I was a skeptic would be a severe understatement.

When I saw one of my very level headed, intelligent, and hilarious friends, Angelina, start posting that she was a distributor for It Works! Products I immediately started interrogating asking her about the products. I knew she would blatantly honest with me about the products. She sent me some pictures of people she knew personally that had results. She told me that this would be a great product to along with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. She didn’t promise I would lost x amount of pounds or inches. She simply believed in the products and wanted me to try them for myself. Her and another distributor, Stephanie, ┬áput together a package that included 1 treatment (4 wraps) of the It Works! wraps, 1 bottle of defining gel,and a few samples of their energy bars and greens.

I read through all the information looking for flaws and loopholes. I decided to try the first wrap during a day when I was hope. They say to leave it on for at least 45 minutes but up to 8 hours. I went with 3 hours. The application was easy, just open and unwrap the cloth and put it where you want to see results. I, of course, went with my tummy. I followed the instructions to a T… placed the wrap and used saran wrap to keep it in place. Totally hot, right?


Anyway, after the 3 hours I removed the wrap and massaged the leftover gel in. I was pleasantly surprised with the results.



Obviously, I have a major overhang of skin at the bottom of my abdomen. I also have had my skin scrunch up around my belly button. I’ve had super dark pink stretch marks across my middle abdomen (thanks, pregnancy). I measured before, right after removing and 72 hours later. Right after removing the wrap I had lost a total of 2 inches. 72 hours later my measurements were down 5.5 inches, with 3.5 of those inches being around my belly button… one of my problem areas.

While I was impressed with the change in my measurements I was interested to see if they would stay the same for a few days before I wrapped again. I noticed my waist and upper abdomen fluctuated up a few inches, while my lower abdomen actually went down an inch. The second wrap I did overnight.

IMG_3352 IMG_3353

I saw a significant change in the pictures but my measurements actually went up a bit. I think it was because I did it overnight and wasn’t drinking water like I did for the other one.

3 days later I tried wrap 3.

IMG_3386 IMG_3385

The major differences I started to see was that the shade of my stretch marks got lighter, my skin felt tighter, and there wasn’t as much sagging around my belly button.

I got caught up in thanksgiving and life and didn’t do my last wrap for about a week and a half after the third one. My before wrap 4 measurements were about an inch more than they were after wrap 3, but uhm… hello, thanksgiving.



Again I noticed the lighter color of my stretch marks and more tightening of the skin around my belly button.

So, the final results….


So, my thoughts? I think this is a really good ACCESSORY. It does not replace a healthy diet and exercise program. I would not classify it as a weight loss product, it is more of a beauty product. It didn’t magically make me lose weight. I was eating clean and exercising during these few weeks of trying the products. I was lucky enough to have a distributor who didn’t try to sell me this product by telling me it would make my tummy flat in x amount of treatments. I still weigh the same as I did when I started these wraps, dang that 183 it just won’t go away. My measurements, however, did change.

Before Wrap 1-
Upper Abdomen: 33
Waist at Belly Button: 41
Lower Abdomen: 43

After Wrap 4-
Upper Abdomen: 32
Waist at Belly Button: 37
Lower Abdomen: 41

That’s a total of 7 inches lost!

AGAIN – I was eating (mostly) clean and doing CrossFit 6+ times a week while doing these wraps. The results I saw were a combonation of that along with the It Works! Products.

The Verdict? I’m pleased with my results and I think that they are worth the price. I’ll for sure become a loyal customer (you get better pricing as long as you order at least 1 product a month for 3 months) They actually have some holiday sales going on right now too if you want to check them out visit either Angelina or Stephanie’s website for more details.

Have you ever tried It Works Wraps? Why or Why Not?

Disclaimer – I was provided these products at no cost. All thoughts and opinions are my own.