What is The CrossFit Open?

So if you have been following any number of CrossFitters on blogs or social media you have probably seen the terms CrossFit Open, 13.1 , CrossFit Games or something similar. If you are new to CrossFit or don’t CrossFit at all you’re probably wondering

What Is The CrossFit Open?


So basically the CrossFit Games are the super bowl of CrossFit. Except, instead of having to be drafted on to some team the CrossFit Games are open for anyone to get into. You just register online, it cost $20. The road to the CrossFit Games start with the CrossFit Open. It is 5 weeks long, with one workout each week. In true CrossFit fashion the workout is not announced until the week you are to do it. There are like 130,000 people registered to compete in the open. They have from the time the workout is announced on Wednesday until Sunday evening to complete the workout and submit their results on the CrossFit Games Website (results must be verified by a Certified CrossFit Affiliate or filmed and submitted for verification). The first workout, 13.1 (no, not miles… it stands for 2013 season, 1st workout), was announced last Wednesday… and man, is it a doozy!


The first weight is the mens prescribed weight, the second is the women’s. Burpees are horrible, but anyone can do them. The snatch is a pretty technical olympic lift. Those weights are no joke, especially after that many burpees. A lot of the elite athletes are getting between 190-199 reps on this workout. That means they got all the way to the last weight and was able to complete a few of those lifts before time is called. I am not registered for the open, mostly because I didn’t want to pay the $20 when I can’t do an unassisted pull up… but I can do the workouts without registering to see where I stack up. I got 125 reps. That means in 17 minutes I got through the first set of 40 burpees, the set of 30 snatches at 45lbs, the set of 30 burpees, and I got through 25 of the 30 snatches at 75lbs. I was honestly surprised with my results, considering my previous 1 rep max on the snatch was 80lbs!


Shout out to my Animal Sock Twinsie Tracy! We went ANIMAL on that WOD!

Every Wednesday for the next 5 weeks CrossFit will release a new workout for the Open Competitors to complete before the following Sunday. The whole point of CrossFit is to cultivate a General Physical Preparedness for whatever life may throw at you – it’s often referred to as “Functional Fitness.” They want you to be prepared for anything, which is why they don’t announce the workouts beforehand. There are 17 different regions, and the top competitors in each region will compete in a 3 day Regional Competition. The top 3 competitors from each region will then move on to compete to the CrossFit Games at the end of July. The top male and female in the games will be crowned the Fittest On Earth!

I love that with the CrossFit Open throughout the CrossFit Games there is such an energy and excitement among the CrossFit community as a whole. Competitors cheer each other on. People want everyone to do their best. Whether you are like Neal Maddox and get 199 reps, or you can’t get through the first set of snatches you still get cheered on. While it is about competing with others… for most people, at least for me, it is about competing for myself. Did I ever think that I would know how to snatch? Let alone get that 75lbs from the ground to overhead 25 times? Not at all. But will I try to beat my own record as I train throughout the year? You bet.

Do you like to compete? Is it more for the competition against others, or yourself?