Christmas is Coming?!

Geez, time is flying. I was talking with the Hubs this weekend and we realized this was the last full week we have before our CrossFit 70 Christmas Party WOD and our trip to Texas for Christmas. Which also means this is the last full week before Christmas! For some reason I thought we had another week… I had the same problem with Thanksgiving. I can’t keep track of time at all!

I was tempted to freak out about all the things I “have to do” before Christmas, but then I realized… Christmas will happen regardless of if I do or don’t do any of those things. Yes, I’ll still make my list (and check it twice). I decided to not stress out over making everything perfect. Afterall, me sending out Christmas cards with the wrong name on them may be the laugh people need in the hustle and bustle of things. Or maybe they won’t even notice… Archer and Madeline seem like distinguished names anyway. Let’s roll with it.


Aside from the cards I started to think about those Christmas shopping lists. While we had a list of people we needed to get gifts for and started chipping away at it, we still hadn’t really started shopping for Payton. Whoops. If we were going to do any online shopping I knew we’d have to get on it, so we spent some time Sunday morning figuring that out. It’s so much fun to shop for her! She is just such a good kid so I feel really good about being able to bless her with those big wants I find myself so often saying no to throughout the year. Seriously, look at that face! I love her.


She is easy to shop for (aren’t most kids?!) it’s usually the grownups I have a hard time figuring out gifts for. Not only is it hard to buy for other people but I always get that deer in the headlights look when people ask me what I want. I really am blessed enough to say I don’t “need” anything. But there are some things I wouldn’t say no to if they showed up under the tree…

Like a maid.

Cute Woman Maid With Mop

Stick a bow on it and call me happy.

So boring and grown up of me.  It doesn’t get better with this next one. More boring and grown up… the WeMo Crock-Pot.


This this is what dreams are made of. I make Crock-pot meals at least 2-3x a week since we are coaching at the CrossFit late most nights. Sometimes I forget to turn it down or off or on before I leave. Being able to control my crock pot with my phone from where ever I am?! That is the closest to Rosie Jetson I’m gonna get!

This one is a bit more of a big ticket item, but I’m kind of lusting over the ScanSnap Evernote Edition. I’m on a quest to become paperless. I have stacks of piles waiting to be filed and I’m SO over it. I want to be able to scan in important papers and then shred/burn the hard copies. I’ll post more about this another time as I continue this adventure. I’m working on being more clutter free and this little baby would help me speed up the process.


Since we are talking about technology… I always use my iPad in the kitchen. I save most of my recipes to Evernote and pull them up when I need to reference them. I’d love to have something like this iPad Kitchen stand to use while I’m cooking. Plus it doubles as decoration. Win-Win.


Aside from all the practical household gifts… There is of course the gifts for the CrossFitter! My BFF Andrea from Thick to Thin just recently announced she is going to be starting a Tank of the Month Club! Whhhhhattttt?!! Sign me up. Her new designs are the I’m currently lusting over this built by barbell t-shirt. You can even get a matching one for your guy. Totes adorbs.


She also just launched some pretty wicked headbands too. Want. Them. All.

Of course, the season isn’t just about spending as much money as you can. You can give relational gifts too! Take a loved one on a date. Make picture collages or books of memories you’ve had together. Those special gifts can mean even more than some random gift card. For some people I’m just taking time to write out some positive things I noticed about them this year. Don’t freak out about having the perfect pinterest Christmas…. Enjoy time with your family and friends and make memories.

What’s on your wishlist?
What’s your best Christmas Memory?

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Christmas 2012

Sometimes I feel like waiting for Christmas and training for a race are quite similar. All this work and emotional build up for the one tiny moment in time…. and then it’s over. Christmas really snuck up on me this year. Life happens that way I guess. The busier it seems the faster it goes. I could get all mushy, emotional, psychological about it… but I’ll spare you. I’ve been in that kind of mood lately, so don’t be surprised of one of those posts happen. Just not today.

Back to Christmas. We started off Christmas Eve going to lunch and church with some of our BFFs. Little Dreamer let me curl her hair, and was SO excited about it.


I sported my new glasses to church. I got them from – You get your first pair free! I paid $20 for upgraded lenses, but that was optional.


After church we exchanged “stocking” gifts and got to open our presents from one of our friends. He’s a sneaky little guy, got both the hubs and I RX Jump Ropes, but put them in different size boxes AND taped them to the box so they didn’t shake around AND put a bag of almonds in the box for the hubs so it would throw him off. Hilarious. Mine is “Naughty Pink” – I totally love it. And it is FAST. Bring on the double unders!


The hubs did awesome with my stocking stuffers. I got a water bottle, inflatable travel pillow, and my favorite: sparkle fuzzy slippers!


My family tradition growing up was getting to open one present on Christmas eve. and it was ALWAYS pajamas. We’ve continued that with Little Dreamer.


After she went to bed Santa Came! He had to put together the wagon, get breakfast ready, and make sure the house was clean… so I don’t think he got much sleep. Christmas morning came and Someone was excited to find a Wagon under the tree! She has been asking for a wagon for a while now. However, I don’t think Delilah was nearly as thrilled as she was about the wagon…


Once the grandparents got there the rest of the day flew by… presents and paper everyone. Lots of smiles and laughter. I think that is my favorite thing about Christmas. The joyful chaos. Watching Little Dreamer open her presents was so fun. She had been asking for some of the stuff for so long- Like that Doc McStuffins doll. I have that check up song permanently stuck in my head. I wore my Minnie Mouse Footie PJs part of the day. Hubs and I got each other luggage since we will be traveling a lot this year. We made it into a little game. He wanted some very specific things on his luggage… hard case, special wheels, good handle… I just wanted mine to be cute. We both did good. Little Dreamer got luggage too… remember that Personal creations post?We also stayed in our PJs all day. I loved it.


One of her other favorite presents was her Innotab2. She calls it her ipad. I don’t think she put it down for longer than 5 minutes all day. She even made a vlog. I am going to have to post it, I was cracking up. My favorite present of hers? Her WODtoys Barbell. Too stinkin cute. Plus, those cute little workout clothes just kill me. The top is from H&M ($3!!) and the bottoms are from target.


It was an awesome Christmas.
It made me realize how blessed I am.
I have great family, amazing friends, and awesome blog readers!

How was your Christmas? Favorite Christmas Tradition?

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Christmas Traditions

So I woke up this morning to a few little piles of snow flurries. I don’t know how I feel about that… Part of me wants to be excited because it can be a “festive” sort of thing, but then the other part of me is dreading the slush and horrible driving conditions. I am interested in seeing how Payton reacts to the blanket of white that will eventually cover the ground. It’s so fun seeing little kids experience things for the first time.

While my parents were here for Thanksgiving we got to do a few fun holiday things. We went the day after thanksgiving to a tree farm and cut down a tree. This was my first time actually going to cut a tree down. I told Chris it was easier than I thought it would be (because he is the one who actually cut it down!). Prepare for picture overload…










It was such a fun time! That same weekend we went down to Old Town St Charles for the Christmas parade. It is one of the few redeeming qualities about this area (in my opinion anyway…). I love love love the vibe of Old Town, and even more so around the Holidays.





We had a blast, even though it was cold. My Floridian parents survived (don’t you just love how my dad looks like a creepy homeless man stalking us… haha). We had some of “Grandma’s Cookies” and some hot apple cider. Payton love collecting the cards the characters handed out and getting to meet all the different types of Santa’s… but her favorite was “THE HORSE!” that led the parade in the carriage.

Just a few of my favorite traditions to ring in the Christmas season… what are some of yours?