Hello, and thanks for stopping by my little corner of the interwebs! JourneyofaDreamer.com is currently offering services including but not limited to Brand Ambassadorship, Product Review, Sponsored Posts, Social Media Management, Giveaways, and Sponsored Representation at Events. For a current Media Kit and pricing please email me at Courtney@CourtneyNorman.org

In addition to that, I am currently offering Sponsorship Ad Spots on my site.


Updated 12/1/14

  • Unique Visitors: 2800+
  • Page Views: 4600+
  • Feed Subscribers: 177+
  • Twitter Followers: 4283
  • Facebook Fans: 1500+
  • Instagram Followers: 1782
  • Klout Score: 68

The Deets:

You can choose between a dedicated larger top placement (only 1 sold per month), or a smaller lower placement (5 sold per month and rotated out evenly). Both options include social media shout outs. The Magic Wand option also includes a dedicated guest/sponsor post, while the Pixie Dust Option includes a sponsor shout out in a shared post. I also offer to swap buttons with other bloggers free of charge! Email me for more details


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