Little Dreamer

Watch her as she grows! Here you will find pictures of our firstborn baby girl as she grows!

20 weeks
just a few hours old.
One Month Old.
Two Months Old
Three Months Old
Four Months Old
Five Months Old
six months
seven months
8 months
9 Months!
10 Months
11 months (and ready to go to disney!)
ONE YEAR OLD!! She's going "weeee" on her rocking horse
13 months (March 2011)
14 Months (April 2011)
15 Months (May 2011)
16 Months (June 2011)
17 Months (July 2011)
18 Months (August 2011)
19 Months (September 2011)
20 Months (October 2011)
21 Months (November 2011)
22 Months (December 2011)
23 Months (January 2012)
2 years old!

Two year old favorites…
color: blue
food: toast (but mostly whatever is on the toast)
tv show: mickey mouse clubhouse
movie: cinderella
song: mine by taylor swift (or “oh oooh oh” as she calls it)



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